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Employer duties to employees in workers' compensation cases

Employers across most states are required to provide workers' compensation insurance or either self-insure in order to be in compliance with state laws. Any employer that fails to take out their state's required minimum workers' compensation benefits stands the potential of not only being fined, but being held both criminally and civilly liable for not doing so as well.

Top 4 California construction site injuries

The construction industry presents several types of accident risks that often cause severe and even fatal injuries for workers. While overall workplace fatalities have recently declined, construction fatalities continue to grow. Awareness of the most common types of injuries can help workers and employers reduce workplace accidents.

How employers can cut back on car accident risks

Workers who have to drive as part of their jobs run the risk of being injured in car accidents. This goes beyond careers that are focused on driving -- like long-haul trucking -- and includes numerous professions. For instance, construction workers may start the day at the main office and then all drive to the job site, and accidents while they are on the clock may warrant workers' compensation.

What are the most common injuries in the workplace?

The workplace injuries that make the news are usually serious and fatal ones. Indeed, approximately 13 people die every day due to these injuries. Many of these are in professions that are widely considered to have some inherent danger associated with them, like construction.

Law loosening workplace injury record-keeping signed

This week, the president signed legislation passed by Congress that repeals a workplace safety rule issued by President Obama late in his tenure. That rule required large companies in industries determined to be particularly hazardous to workers to keep all records related to workplace injuries and illnesses for five years. Without that rule, these companies can essentially purge these records after just six months. The legislation was supported by a number of business lobbies as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

What should I do if my workers' compensation claim is denied?

Workers' compensation claims can be complicated to file, and denials are common for a variety of reasons. As in other states, the California system values cost effectiveness and strict adherence to procedure. For this reason, claims can be denied due to faulty or incomplete paperwork, missed deadlines or insufficient documentation. In other cases, you may get benefits that do not provide adequate compensation.

Congress rolls back rule that encouraged workplace safety

This past December, the Department of Labor issued a new rule via the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that extended the period of time for which a company could be fined for improper record-keeping on workplace accidents. Previously, the rule stated that companies could face fines for up to six months. With the new rule in December, the window was extended to five years. The purpose of the rule was to improve workplace safety and motivate companies to keep proper records.

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