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Top 4 California construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Blog

The construction industry presents several types of accident risks that often cause severe and even fatal injuries for workers. While overall workplace fatalities have recently declined, construction fatalities continue to grow. Awareness of the most common types of injuries can help workers and employers reduce workplace accidents.


One major type of injury occurs when a worker becomes trapped between pieces of machinery or between moving equipment and a wall or other surface. The likelihood of this kind of injury increases at excavation projects. Safety practices may include proper technique for ensuring a trench does not collapse. Training equipment operators and the people who work near them on proper safety procedures can also cut down on injuries.

Moving objects

Many workers suffer serious injury when an object strikes them, which is most often equipment. Construction equipment operators must observe proper protocols, including signaling, visual observation and limited speed. Workers should also be aware of their surroundings and check for moving machinery.


Falls are prevalent on construction sites and often result in serious injuries. Several causes may be to blame for a fall, including improperly constructed scaffolding, lack of harnesses or appropriate railings, and failure to label floor openings.

Electric hazards

Construction workers often do their jobs in close proximity to power lines. They also use power tools and electric equipment in the course of their work. For this reason, electrocution presents a significant risk. Effective precautions may include comprehensive training, proper insulation and grounding, clear marking of power lines, and shutting off power supply to a line when necessary.

California workers who get injured on the job can get benefits, such as medical compensation and lost wages, by filing a workers’ compensation claim. Your injury does not have to be your employer’s fault for you to be eligible for workers’ comp. If you suffer a workplace injury, speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to explore your options and get started with the filing process.