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Is worker safety at U.S. nuclear sites passed over for profits?

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) recently obtained Energy Department documents regarding our country's eight plants and labs for nuclear weapons and two support sites. The CPI found that even though there had been numerous worker injuries, the corporations that manage these plants, labs and support sites often do not face significant penalties when there is an accident. Here are some examples:

Dangers faced by meat and poultry processors

If you are among the many who work in meat or poultry processing or production in America, you face unique hazards that place you at risk of injury, illness and, possibly, death. The severity of your risk of medical hardship is difficult to determine because many such injuries and illnesses are underreported.

Know how to handle a workers' compensation claim

Workplace injuries and illnesses are serious business for the men and women who can't work because of them. When the injury or illness is due to factors in the workplace, such as exposure to toxic chemicals or accidents, these men and women might need to apply for workers' compensation coverage.

Some unexpectedly dangerous occupations

There are certain industries and specific jobs that are considered particularly dangerous for workers. Construction workers, for example, are at a high risk for serious and even fatal injuries. However, there are a number of occupations, many of which are well-compensated and require significant amounts of training and/or education, which can be dangerous as well.

Workers' compensation is for various injuries and illnesses

The workers' compensation program in California is meant to help protect workers and employers when an injury or illness occurs at work. This program is often associated with injuries that are the result of an accident, but there is much more to the workers' compensation program.

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