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Some unexpectedly dangerous occupations

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

There are certain industries and specific jobs that are considered particularly dangerous for workers. Construction workers, for example, are at a high risk for serious and even fatal injuries. However, there are a number of occupations, many of which are well-compensated and require significant amounts of training and/or education, which can be dangerous as well.

It may not be surprising to hear that airline pilot is one of those. However, it’s not for the reason you might think. Most pilots don’t suffer injury or death because of crashes, which are actually very rare. In fact, it’s the long hours of sitting in cramped quarters that is the most dangerous. Passengers who spend long hours on flights are warned about the dangers of developing dangerous blood clots if they don’t get up and move around. Pilots have an even greater risk of this.

Radiologists are highly-trained medical professionals who spend their days analyzing images from x-rays, MRIs and other machines where radiation is used for diagnostic purposes. However, these machines expose those who work around them to potentially dangerous radiation. Beyond that, anyone who works around sick people can be exposed to highly-infection diseases.

Podiatrists, or “foot doctors,” as most people refer to them, deal with all sorts of contaminants and diseases of the foot. They also face radiation exposure.

Dental hygienists are professionals that we all come into contact with. While we may them as the folks who lecture us about flossing, they come into contact with all sorts of infections while they have their hands in your mouth.

Whatever occupation you have, it’s essential to know what the potential dangers are and to help ensure that your employers are taking the appropriate steps to protect you from injury and/or illness. If you believe that your employer hasn’t sufficiently protected you, an experienced attorney can provide essential advice and guidance.

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