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Why do employees fail to report injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

A variety of industries exist around Modesto. From agriculture and construction, there are a number of ways to make a living, but many of these occupations face significant risks if an employer does not adequately offer protections.

Even if the company does have protections in place, injuries can happen at any moment. Employees possess entitlements to certain rights after a workplace-related accident. Despite these rights, a surprising number of workers fail to report an injury and fail to get the compensation they perhaps deserve.

They fear retaliation

A significant component of a lot of jobs is not to rock the boat. After an injury, an employee may be happy if the company simply pays the medical bills, but they can seek compensation for various other expenses, such as lost income and pain and suffering. 

Employees may not report an accident because they still want the job following all the paperwork. These workers have nothing to worry about in terms of retaliation. California has numerous labor codes on the books regarding how employers have to treat their employees. 

They think the injury healed

Certain injuries may not seem like a big deal at first. Perhaps the employee only has to go to the hospital for a couple hours, and everything seems fine. However, some injuries do not manifest until much later. If an employee does not file a report right away, then it would be difficult to prove this new injury is a result of what happened at work. 

They do not have to put up with the hassle

Going through a lengthy legal process is a daunting proposition for a lot of employees. There is a lot of paperwork, and the employee now has to deal with attorneys and all kinds of legal matters. Some workers simply believe it is not worth it to file a claim. It is important to remember it is most definitely worth it.