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How to respond to a worksite spill

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2017 | Blog

One of the most common workplace injuries employees can encounter is a slip and fall. In fact, injuries sustained from slipping on the job results in the greatest amount of lost days from work, according to the National Floor Safety Institute

The best thing for employers and employees alike is to avoid slips and falls entirely. This is done by ensuring there is a way to address spills immediately. Although workers can clean up water fairly easily, some worksites need to be mindful of chemical spills. It is much better to avoid these complications than deal with the ensuing medical problems. 

Notify everyone in the vicinity

Even if the spill only consists of water, it is still important to let everyone know about it. This includes any employees who may walk through the area. It also includes notifying the employer, who may need to make adjustments to the company guidelines on how to handle barrels of liquid. In the event the spill contains dangerous liquids, such as chemicals, then the area requires evacuation. Someone needs to call 911 immediately so that a cleanup crew can come out to ensure the spill does not spread. 

Clean up the spill

In the event the liquid itself is not dangerous, someone still needs to mop it up right away. The company should have signs to inform others the floor is slippery. The company should also have mops, dustpans and other supplies on-hand for spills. If the worksite does not have those items, then the boss needs to correct the problem. 

Talk about developing a spill plan

A company that uses barrels of liquids needs to have a spill plan in place. This can outline who is responsible for cleaning the spill and where all clean-up items are on the premises. In the event the company deals with chemicals, then the plan should outline how to handle them in case they spill on the floor.