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Common injuries for warehouse employees

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Blog

Although the rate has declined throughout the years, a large number of workplace injuries still occur throughout California. In 2014, there were a reported 460,000 workplace injuries in the state, according to data from the Department of Industrial Relations.

Warehouse workers typically need to perform many physical tasks, such as moving bulk materials, packaging items together and transporting packages across the premises. Due to the conditions and presence of heavy-duty equipment, these workers face a greater likelihood of suffering an injury on the job. Here are some of the most common ones that occur throughout the industry. 

Crushed by machine or object

With such heavy items in one location, warehouse workers are susceptible to a large piece of equipment crushing them. The easiest way to prevent these accidents is to properly train all employees on how to use tools and machinery before utilizing them on the job. 

Loading-dock injuries

The loading dock can be one of the most dangerous areas in the warehouse. This is where the truck pulls up so people can load items into the 18-wheeler. Workers can fall off the dock or become crushed during the unloading or loading process.


Occasionally, an injury is not a result of a piece of equipment. Employees become hurt because they work too hard without getting a sufficient break. Working in a warehouse requires carrying, pulling and pushing for hours on end. Workers can suffer from skeletal or muscular injuries as a result. 

Forklift accidents

One of the most common pieces of equipment found in a warehouse is a forklift, and it is the source of numerous injuries every year. Accidents can occur when a forklift runs over a person’s foot or when the fork itself hits someone when in motion. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a forklift needs to acquire the proper certification that the state of California requires.