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Preventing ladder falls at work

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

Every year, more than 500,000 people are injured in relation to the use of ladders in the United States. As a result of these injuries, over 300 people die. These are shocking statistics, and they are proof that more needs to be done when it comes to preventing ladder-related injuries in the United States, especially at work.

Here are some of the ways that ladder injuries most commonly happen.

Setting up the ladder incorrectly

It has been reported that ladder injuries occur due to an improper set up of a ladder in 40 percent of cases. This is usually because the ladder was placed at the wrong angle from the ground, which means that it can slip due to the burden of the weight.

Not inspecting the ladder for potential faults

A ladder should always be inspected before use. In this way, you can spot dangers before they have an effect.

Choosing the wrong ladder for the job or situation

Different jobs require different types of ladders, since some can hold more weight than others. It’s important to know the ladder’s duty-rating before using.

Insufficient safety training as an employee

If you are a worker that regularly uses a ladder, your employer should be making sure that you have frequent training on its safety and use.

If you have been injured as a result of a ladder injury at work, then there are certain protections in place that will offer you compensation for medical costs and damages. You should make sure you understand the terms of workers’ compensation before making a claim.

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