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Claiming compensation for workplace trauma

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | workers' compensation

The workplace can be a very tense and stressful environment. It can also be at times a dangerous one, and while an employee is at work, he or she can be victim to a traumatic event.

Although traumatic events may not affect the person physically, it can still have a profound effect on his or her ability to carry out his or her work, and it may result in a decreased quality of life for the person. Therefore, there are some legal protections in place for those that are suffering from workplace-induced stress or trauma.

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress

Post-traumatic stress can involve an overwhelming sense of hopelessness because you feel as though you are not in control of your feelings. Flashbacks may occur at any given time, and you are likely to also suffer from panic attacks. This can make it impossible for you to be able to be productive in your job, and you will likely need to be treated through psychotherapy in order to make a full recovery.

Your protections as a worker

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates work safety in the United States. Compensation is available for all workers who were injured, mentally or physically, while in the workplace or when they were carrying out work-related activities. This compensation is available to offset lost wages or medical expenses.

If you believe that you are suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result of an event that occurred in the workplace, you should first of all be assessed by a medical professional. You can then look into whether you can claim compensation.

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