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What are bursitis and tendinitis?

It is easy to dismiss joint pain as the normal aches and twinges of getting old. However, you are still too young to be feeling like this, which may lead to worries that you are suffering from an injury. If you have been doing the same type of job for months or years, this might be the source of your pain. You could be among the countless other Californians who are suffering from work-related repetitive movement disorders.

How far will my workers’ compensation go?

When you have been injured at work, it is likely that you will be stressed thinking about the medical consultations that you have to go through, as well as the lost wages that you will suffer due to unavoidable time off work. Workers' compensation is an insurance scheme, paid for by employers, that help workers through this difficult period of their lives.

Ensuring you get the workers’ compensation you deserve

All employers need to pay into workers' compensation insurance in order to make sure that their workers will receive the benefits. Usually, employers are required to buy this, but it does not mean that everyone in the country is covered. If you are a contractor or working in agriculture or as a house cleaner, you need to look into whether you can benefit from workers' compensation.

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