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Responding to a workplace injury in California

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

Your employer has the responsibility to keep you safe to a reasonable extent. This means that they must always be actively working to identify possible dangers and hazards in order to prevent them from occurring.

Many employees, in the event of becoming injured while in the workplace, become concerned that their injury may in some way jeopardize their position at work, especially because they may need to take leave in order to recover. It is important to understand that as an injured worker, this will never be the case.

What are my legal rights after a California work injury?

If you have been injured in the workplace, it is likely that you will have the right to workers’ compensation. In order to successfully claim this, you must make sure you file a report of injury within a certain amount of time after the injury took place. You should also make sure to document all the actions you took, in case you encounter a lawsuit in the future.

What information about my injury should I collect?

You should document as much information as possible. Take pictures of your injury, and gather statements from co-workers that witnessed the accident and how it took place. This will help you if your employer ever objects to your version of events.

When you have been injured at work, it is unlawful for you to be fired or retaliated against in any way for a period of time after the incident. If you have been injured at work in California, you should make sure to understand how the law is designed to protect you.

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