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Avoiding dangerous forklift accidents in Modesto

No matter where you work in Modesto, it's likely that a forklift will be in operation at some point. It might be a one-off occurence or it might be a daily operation at your place of employment. Either way, forklifts pose a real danger to not only the operators but also all those working around these heavy pieces of machinery. You will find that if you follow the safety tips outlined in this post, you should be able to avoid forklift accidents on the job.

The unforeseen consequences of wildfire fighting

You know that your job as a firefighter is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Risking your life and limb every day to save homes, businesses and forests is respectable and honorable as well as hazardous. You and your associates can face immediate dangers resulting from burns and smoke inhalation while fighting California wildfires, but you may not anticipate some of the lesser-known health risks of this industry.

Issues that can cause workplace accidents in California

Safety on the job should be the main goal of every employer. Employees need to be properly trained in all aspects of their job, especially if the jobs are inherently dangerous. There are quite a few issues that could be problematic if not properly handled on the job in California. Those issues could lead to employee injuries and even death.

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