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Scaffolding safety tips for your Modesto workplace

Working with scaffolding on a regular basis can be very stressful. Even if you know the scaffolding has been properly built, you will still worry if it will hold strong while you are on it. Scaffolding can give under extreme weight, weather conditions, wind and because of improper construction. Here are some scaffolding safety tips for your Modesto workplace.

Preventing the top 3 nursing injuries

As a California nurse, your job, whether at a hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office or other health care facility, puts you at risk for an occupational injury. Not only do you care for patients with a variety of diseases, you also handle a number of potentially dangerous instruments, implements and pieces of medical equipment.

Getting compensation after suffering an eye injury at work

If you work in an active environment such as a construction site or a factory, it is likely that you are at a high risk of suffering an eye injury. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that each year, 20,000 employees in the United States suffer an eye injury, and many of them are forced to take medical leave or pay costly medical bills as a consequence.

Rights to rehabilitation as an injured worker

If you have been injured while you were at work, it is likely that you had to take unpaid leave in order to recover, and you may have also had to spend a significant amount on medical bills. When you suffer an injury due to your work obligations, your employer has the legal obligation to support you in your recovery through what is known as workers' compensation.

Workers’ compensation for pesticide illnesses

As a worker in the industrial industry, you will undoubtedly be exposed to numerous harmful chemicals as part of your daily work. Your employer has the legal responsibility to protect you as much as possible from the adverse effects of chemicals used on crops. However, illnesses still do occur as a result of exposure to pesticides at work.

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