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There's no need to fear making a workers' compensation claim

When a person is injured in the working environment and suffers as a result, they often do not take action to recoup the benefits that they are entitled to. This is due to two main reasons: It is likely that they do not know about the compensation that they deserve, or they are fearful about making a claim.

Top reasons for workers comp denials

Workers who suffer an employment-related injury in California turn to workers' compensation to obtain the benefits they need to get medical treatment and make up for lost wages. Understanding why some claims receive a denial can help you avoid common mistakes that delay or prevent much-needed benefits.

When can I sue my employer for a work injury?

When a person is injured in the workplace, the procedure is usually quite standard because claims go through the workers' compensation procedure. This typically means that an injured worker will simply fill in a form, and their owed compensation will be calculated once this claim has been made.

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