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Holding your employer responsible for an accident

If you were injured in a workplace accident in the state of California, you may be wondering what the appropriate course of action should be when it comes to holding your employer responsible. You may believe that the accident was caused because of your employer's negligence in regard to safety, for example.

Hazards associated with working on around scaffolding

Working at a construction site presents certain unavoidable risks, but construction workers also commonly suffer injury in accidents that may have been preventable. Many construction accidents involve the use of scaffolds, or temporary, elevated work platforms that enable workers to reach certain heights. As someone who often relies on scaffolds, you may have an idea of just how dangerous they can be.

Can I claim workers' compensation for an infectious disease?

Many workers in the United States are aware that they can make a claim for workers' compensation after being injured at work. Becoming injured because of a fall or because of faulty machinery are situations that are quite obviously eligible for workers' compensation claims.

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