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4 scaffolding safety tips to follow at all times

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

If the use of scaffolding in your day-to-day job is required, be sure to understand the many tips you can follow to enhance your safety. By taking the right approach to safety, you reduce the risk of being part of a serious accident.

Here are four scaffolding safety tips to follow at all times:

  • Seek out the right training: If your employer has yet to provide the proper training and education, ask them to immediately assist you with this. The knowledge you collect can keep you safe.
  • Inspect everything: It’s time-consuming, but a proper inspection before using scaffolding goes a long way in pinpointing any potential issues. For example, you may find that a piece is missing or defective, acting as a safety hazard.
  • Know the load capacity: Exceeding the load capacity is one of the most common reasons for a scaffolding accident. Once you know the capacity, you can ensure that it’s never exceeded. Remember to take into consideration both workers and their equipment.
  • Use guardrails: Don’t assume that assembling guardrails is a waste of time. With these in place, there’s a much smaller chance of falling off the scaffolding and onto the ground below.

Even if you follow these scaffolding safety tips, you could still be part of an accident. If this happens, stop what you’re doing to seek immediate medical care.

Once you receive treatment, follow the advice of your doctor in hopes of making a fast and full recovery. If you’re unable to return to work as you recover, consider filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.