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3 most common construction site hazards

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Although any industry may have potential risks employees face, construction often ranks higher than most.

Even with safety standards in place, mechanical error, human error and unexpected situations may lead to an injury. While not always avoidable, knowing the top three hazards may serve as a reminder to maintain due diligence.

1. Falling from any height

At work and home, falls account for a significant number of emergency room visits. The construction industry has some of the highest rates of fall incidents. Depending on the site, people may have to work on top of roofs or from ladders, increasing the chances of a fall. Although working from tall heights may come to mind, even falling a few feet may lead to severe, long-lasting injuries and trauma.

2. Experiencing a slip or trip

Regardless of how well the construction site gets maintained, it inherently has slip and trip risks. Uneven surfaces remain one of the most difficult hazards to address. While making a new path may seem like a good idea, it increases the odds of an incident. Other potential hazards include obstacles and slippery conditions.

3. Getting hit by falling objects

While workers on the ground may not have to worry about falling, they do need to stay aware of what might fall on them. As people overhead use power tools and other equipment, it can create vibrations that may make something fall. Although hard hats help prevent head injuries, the impact of any object may still call severe damage.

When a workplace injury happens, it has lingering effects physically, emotionally and financially.