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The underlying risk of slips, trips and falls in construction

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Whether at home, work or out shopping, every person faces a potential slip, trip or fall. For people working in the construction industry, that risk greatly increases.

In 2020, the construction industry accounted for nearly half of all slip, trip and fall in the workplace. While many incidents come with little or no injury, others result in long-lasting effects that may mean the inability to work.

Common causes

A number of factors play into the chances of slipping or tripping. While indoors, flooring type, lighting, obstructions and a spill often serve as the culprit. On a construction site full of moving equipment, materials, people and other things, workers face even more risks. Frequent causes of an accident include:

  • Improperly assembled scaffolding
  • Sloped, slick or irregular walking surfaces
  • Unanchored, loose flooring
  • Weather-related hazards
  • Getting in and out of equipment and vehicles
  • Loose, unanchored flooring
  • Ramps void of slip-resistance surfaces

Construction workers also face the risk of falling objects, which makes awareness in all directions a necessity.

Potential injuries

While falling typically results in a cut, bruise or sprain, it may also lead to more severe health conditions that may initially go unnoticed. During a fall, muscles tend to tense, which leads to a torn ligament or pulled muscle. If left untreated, it could lead to a lifetime of issues. The feeling of a pulled muscle anywhere in the may also indicate a person has a spinal cord injury. Other potential injuries included broken or fractured bones and head trauma.

Regardless if the incident seems to result in minimal injury, a person should also seek medical attention to ensure no hidden issues exist.