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What are some frequent safety violations at construction sites?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Construction site accidents often cause catastrophic injuries to those who experience them. Broken bones, head injuries and trauma resulting from falls can affect a worker permanently or, in some cases, cause a loss of life.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration reports that construction site managers and foremen can prevent serious accidents by reviewing the work area and removing or modifying areas that pose a possible threat to any workers.

A lack of fall protection

Some construction workers can experience a serious fall due to a lack of protection when working on roofs, scaffolding and the upper floors of an unfinished building. Unstable surfaces and out-of-date safety equipment designed to prevent falls, such as worn harnesses, can increase the risk of injury.

Respiratory dangers

Some construction site dangers are not always immediately apparent, especially those that may cause respiratory issues later on. Construction workers face breathing dangers from several different sources each work day, including:

  • Stripping or sanding away lead paint
  • Solvent fumes
  • Silica dust

Construction site foremen may want to review the effectiveness of any masking or breathing apparatus they currently use to ensure they meet current safety standards.

Poor machinery lockout procedures

Crushing or pinching injuries may occur if a site’s machinery lockout procedure is not consistent or lacks guidelines. Project leaders may want to review current lockdown guides and update written manuals to prevent injuries that may result in permanent hand and finger injuries.

While construction work does present a higher risk of injury, making safety a daily priority can reduce the odds of an accident.