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How can sinkholes at construction sites harm workers?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2024 | Workplace Injuries

Construction sites are busy areas full of activity where people work hard to build huge structures. Amidst the noise of machinery and the flurry of workers, sinkholes lurk undetected near the surface.

These sudden collapses in the ground can have serious consequences for construction workers.

Seriousness of the issue

Sinkholes are often formed by the dissolution of soluble bedrock, such as limestone or gypsum, beneath the surface. As these rocks dissolve over time, they leave behind empty spaces underground.

Without proper support, the ground above these areas can suddenly give way without notice. At construction sites, the disturbance caused by excavation and heavy machinery can lead to sinkholes.

Confusion and structural instability

The collapse of the ground into a sinkhole can catch workers off guard, leading to serious injuries or even fatalities. Heavy equipment and machinery may topple over and harm people.

Even smaller sinkholes can pose tripping hazards or cause workers to fall. The unpredictable nature of sinkholes makes them particularly dangerous, as they can appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Disruption to operations

In addition to the safety risks they pose, sinkholes can also lead to overexertion. When a sinkhole forms, work often needs to stop while engineers check the stability of the site and figure out what to do next. This downtime can lead to rushed projects when work does start up again.

By putting proactive safety measures in place, construction companies can protect their workers in these situations. Those facing workplace injuries may want to seek fair compensation.