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What you are entitled to after a work injury

If you have been injured while carrying out your work activities, it is likely that you will have to take leave in order to recover. This can be a very stressful time for many injured employees, since they may worry about the rising medical bills as well as the lost wages that they are suffering.

Shoulder accidents that occurred at work

Accidents and injuries can occur in any workplace, from desk jobs to construction sites. The unfortunate thing about getting injured at work is that it can lead to needing to take time off work, and therefore, you may suffer from lost wages through no fault of your own.

Repetitive strain injuries among scientists

It has been reported that many scientists are afraid to draw attention to their work-related injuries out of fear that it might hurt their career prospects, according to The Scientist Magazine. It is common for scientists to be engaging in repetitive motion actions when carrying out experiments in the lab. However, this risk for injury as well as the importance of prevention and the treatment of such injuries is often underestimated and even ignored by employers.

Returning to work after a work-related injury

It can be an extremely stressful and frustrating experience to have been injured at work. Ironically, getting injured as a result of the tasks that you carried out at work can mean that you have to stop working for a time and lose wages as a result. Luckily, there are protections in place for workers so that they don't have to suffer financially while they are recovering and are not able to make an income.

Can filing a workers' compensation claim get you fired?

Many workers who get injured on the job hesitate in filing a workers' compensation claim because they fear that in doing so, they could either be retaliated against or fired. If this describes you, then you'll find comfort in knowing that in California it's illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who files a workers' compensation claim.

Worker’s compensation and predesignation

Getting injured on the job can unfortunately be common in many industries, including construction, mining and farming. If you work in a high-risk industry, you may be concerned about medical expenses if you get hurt, and questions such as whether you can be treated by your regular doctor in the event of an injury.

California's workers' compensation law and rights to medical care

If you've been injured on the job in California, then under the state's workers' compensation policies, you have a right to receive rehabilitative medical care at your employer's expense. It's important to note that the treatments you receive, though, are required to be in alignment with those prescribed in the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine's (ACEOEM) practice guidelines.

Common injuries that take place on construction sites

Construction workers have an incredibly dangerous job, and this is why there are so many safety regulations that must be complied with on construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released statistics that showed that 20 percent of fatalities that occurred within the workplace in 2013 happened in the construction industry.

Is worker safety at U.S. nuclear sites passed over for profits?

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) recently obtained Energy Department documents regarding our country's eight plants and labs for nuclear weapons and two support sites. The CPI found that even though there had been numerous worker injuries, the corporations that manage these plants, labs and support sites often do not face significant penalties when there is an accident. Here are some examples:

Workers' compensation is for various injuries and illnesses

The workers' compensation program in California is meant to help protect workers and employers when an injury or illness occurs at work. This program is often associated with injuries that are the result of an accident, but there is much more to the workers' compensation program.

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