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Workers who are injured at work often face a very difficult road. Not only do they need to try to heal up from the injury so they can possibly return to work, they also have to figure out how they can make ends meet until they can go back to work. This is where workers' compensation coverage comes into the picture.

What are the most common injuries in the workplace?

The workplace injuries that make the news are usually serious and fatal ones. Indeed, approximately 13 people die every day due to these injuries. Many of these are in professions that are widely considered to have some inherent danger associated with them, like construction.

Law loosening workplace injury record-keeping signed

This week, the president signed legislation passed by Congress that repeals a workplace safety rule issued by President Obama late in his tenure. That rule required large companies in industries determined to be particularly hazardous to workers to keep all records related to workplace injuries and illnesses for five years. Without that rule, these companies can essentially purge these records after just six months. The legislation was supported by a number of business lobbies as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

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