Solving Workers’ Compensation Problems In The Central Valley

Workers’ Compensation

Hurt at work?

Hurt At Work

After a workplace injury, you need compensation to help you recover physically.

Denied Claims

Denied Claims

A denied claim is not the end of the line. You can fight back if you follow the proper steps.

Where to start

Where To Start

After getting hurt at work, it can be hard to know where to begin. You need someone to guide you through the process to ensure your rights are upheld.

Solving Workers’ Compensation Problems In The Central Valley

The Occupational Injury Law Center focuses on helping injured workers get the compensation they need to recover from construction accidents, industrial accidents and other kinds of work injuries and occupational illnesses. Attorney Esequiel Solorio has decades of experience obtaining meaningful results to protect the health, dignity and finances of injured workers. To solve workers’ compensation disputes effectively, you need a lawyer who has a strong command of California workers’ compensation law, the complex rules that apply to these claims and the local legal terrain. Zeke draws on his substantial experience in fighting for the rights of injured employees. He can anticipate how employers and insurance providers will view the evidence. By thoroughly preparing each claim to present a compelling case to the judge, he can help you obtain the best results possible.

One-On-One Guidance From A Dedicated Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Our founding attorney, Zeke Solorio, gained valuable experience early in his career in insurance defense. His strong understanding of how claims adjusters and the insurance companies evaluate claims is invaluable for you. You are gaining access to a lawyer and legal team that knows how to maximize your benefits and help you get better. Moreover, attorney Solorio remains available to answer your concerns — you will not be passed off to another lawyer or paralegal.

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