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What are bursitis and tendinitis?

It is easy to dismiss joint pain as the normal aches and twinges of getting old. However, you are still too young to be feeling like this, which may lead to worries that you are suffering from an injury. If you have been doing the same type of job for months or years, this might be the source of your pain. You could be among the countless other Californians who are suffering from work-related repetitive movement disorders.

What is a repetitive movement disorder? Carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow are probably the most easily recognized of these conditions. You do not have to be a typist or a tennis player to suffer from these injuries. They are painful conditions resulting from doing the same motion over and over in your line of work.

How far will my workers’ compensation go?

When you have been injured at work, it is likely that you will be stressed thinking about the medical consultations that you have to go through, as well as the lost wages that you will suffer due to unavoidable time off work. Workers' compensation is an insurance scheme, paid for by employers, that help workers through this difficult period of their lives.

Workers' compensation offers certain financial benefits to an employee when an injury took place at work. These can help cover medical costs and go towards lost wages. But they do have a limit.

Can I get workers’ compensation for PTSD?

Being involved in a job that puts you at the risk of injury or even death can be a stressful thing in itself. But when you become injured at work, or witness a traumatic event at work, this can change your life.

Many people do not realize that if they are negatively affected by an experience at work that has affected their quality of life, they may be eligible for workers' compensation. This is especially true when a person is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome.

Ensuring you get the workers’ compensation you deserve

All employers need to pay into workers' compensation insurance in order to make sure that their workers will receive the benefits. Usually, employers are required to buy this, but it does not mean that everyone in the country is covered. If you are a contractor or working in agriculture or as a house cleaner, you need to look into whether you can benefit from workers' compensation.

If you are an eligible worker, you will be covered in the event that you injure yourself while performing a work-related duty. You must be able to prove that the injury was caused by your working conditions. In this case, you will likely receive compensation for lost wages and medical care.

Tips to avoid power saw injuries

Power saws have revolutionized the construction business, but not without risk. Injuries can be minor, such as nicking your finger with a jigsaw, or they can be major, such as amputating that finger with a table saw. Severity varies massively from one case to the next, but almost any injury can be very detrimental to construction workers who make a living working with their hands.

To reduce the odds of injury, use these tips:

  • Always keep your eyes on the job. Even glancing away for a split second can lead to injury.
  • Wear tight clothing that can't get caught in a saw or other device.
  • Clear scraps from the saw with a tool, not your hands.
  • Make sure blades are sharp and in good condition. This reduces the odds of kickback.
  • Do not cut materials the saw was not intended to cut, like nails.
  • If you're transporting a portable saw, do not touch the trigger while carrying it.
  • Use safety gear, like push sticks and rip fences.
  • Run blades at the proper depth, even if that means resetting them with every new job.
  • If you have to do maintenance on a saw for any reason, always unplug it or take the batteries out first.

How is disability insurance different from workers' compensation?

If you have suffered from an injury while you are at work, you likely had to pay hefty medical costs and potentially lost wages as a result. Because of this, it is likely that you will be entitled to workers' compensation as a result.

Disability insurance offers monetary benefits for those who are ill or suffering from a disability that does not have any cause or relation to the job that they pursue.

How to protect your hearing at work

There are numerous dangers workers contend with at their jobs. Trips, lacerations and muscle strains are some of the most common, and employers are more likely to have protections in place against these injuries. However, far too many workplaces do not adequately protect workers against premature hearing loss from loud noises. 

From industrial factories to construction sites, many workers have to deal with loud noises on an almost daily basis. If you are not careful, then these noises can impact your hearing. You may be able to file a workers' comp claim, but prevention will help immensely. Fortunately, there are many ways to safeguard your hearing against these dangers.

Shoulder accidents that occurred at work

Accidents and injuries can occur in any workplace, from desk jobs to construction sites. The unfortunate thing about getting injured at work is that it can lead to needing to take time off work, and therefore, you may suffer from lost wages through no fault of your own.

Although high medical bills and the loss of wages can be a reality, the good news is that there are protections in place for those who are suffering from shoulder injuries that occurred at work.

Claiming compensation for workplace trauma

The workplace can be a very tense and stressful environment. It can also be at times a dangerous one, and while an employee is at work, he or she can be victim to a traumatic event.

Although traumatic events may not affect the person physically, it can still have a profound effect on his or her ability to carry out his or her work, and it may result in a decreased quality of life for the person. Therefore, there are some legal protections in place for those that are suffering from workplace-induced stress or trauma.

Understanding how workers’ compensation applies to you

When you are injured at work, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the prospect of lost wages or high medical fees, no matter whether your injury is minor or serious.

The workers' compensation rules and guidelines can be difficult to navigate, and many injured employees become unnecessarily worried that claiming workers' compensation might make them vulnerable to retaliation or that they might be more likely to lose their job.

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