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How are scaffolds a source of danger for workers?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Workplace Accidents

Although people may feel used to climbing up on huge scaffolds that tower over other workers, there are many ways that these platforms can put them in danger. Taking a blow to the head or back can make it hard to complete daily tasks like going to work or driving.

Knowing the reasons for injuries and realizing the problems with unsafe scaffolds is the first step after an accident at work.

Unfinished or weak structures

According to the United States Department of Labor, even one screw out of place can lead to a collapse when a worker steps onto a scaffold. Since there are so many poles, legs and boards that need to connect in a specific way, workers who rush through the assembly part of a scaffold can put others in danger.

A scaffold should also always have a competent person checking for any issues during and after its construction. If businesses do not hire someone or fail to pass this inspection, it could lead to a total collapse.

Loose wires

When building around power lines, workers may face injuries if electrical outlets are not properly turned off. A lack of signs or warnings about active electrical areas is another problem that happens when a workplace suffers from disorganization or distracted management.


Although a worker may only stand a few feet above the ground on a scaffold, they can still suffer from serious spinal cord and back injuries if they fall. Coworkers who accidentally push or trip them can send them falling over a railing.

Workplaces that do not follow safety guidelines can lead to lasting injuries for workers who are climbing on a scaffold.