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The most dangerous professions in California

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Blog, Workplace Injuries

When you think about heading to work in the morning, facing life-threatening risks probably does not cross your mind. However, for some individuals in California, their daily grind includes navigating hazards that can result in severe injuries or even fatalities.

Based on recent statistics from the California Division of Occupational and Safety Health, specific professions carry a significantly higher risk than others.

Sales workers, drivers and truck drivers

The roads and highways become the workplace for many Californians. Among the most vulnerable are sales workers, drivers and truck drivers, with each of these categories reporting 70 fatalities in 2020. Considering the number of transportation incidents leading to worker deaths, it is not surprising that these professions rank highly. When you frequently operate a vehicle as part of your job, you expose yourself to the inherent risks of the road.

Construction laborers

Construction sites are bustling hubs of activity, with workers navigating heights, machinery and other hazards daily. As a result, construction laborers faced 34 fatalities in 2020. These numbers highlight the importance of safety measures and training in this industry.

Grounds maintenance workers

Tasked with the upkeep of outdoor spaces, grounds maintenance workers reported 29 fatalities. Factors such as machinery use, exposure to the elements and unpredictable environments contribute to the risks faced by these workers.

Agricultural workers and farm laborers

Agriculture remains an important industry for California. However, it is not without its perils. Agricultural workers and laborers in crop, nursery and greenhouse settings combined reported 39 fatalities. From interacting with machinery to managing unpredictable livestock, the hazards are plenty.

Protective service workers and security personnel

Keeping people safe often means putting themselves in harm’s way. Protective service workers, including security guards and gambling surveillance officers, faced a total of 33 fatalities in 2020.

Understanding the risks associated with a profession does not mean avoiding it altogether. Instead, it emphasizes the importance of safety training, awareness and continuous improvement in workplace procedures. If you or someone you know is in one of these professions, staying informed and proactive can make all the difference. After all, every worker deserves to return home safely at the end of the day.